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Quick PUA Definition: PUA or “Pick Up Artist” is a term given to a community of men whose main goal is to master the art of seduction and sexual interest in women with the goal of seducing women into relationships or sexual encounters. (Sidenote: the seduction community or pick up community is all about picking up chicks and getting them to sleep with you.)

So where did it all begin?

The large majority of PUA’s are on the internet or through newsletters and publications that center around the topic of seducing women and the techniques, tips, tricks, and strategies to meet that end goal. One of the first proponents of seducing women was a man in the 70’s named Eric Weber who wrote a book called “How To Pick Up Girls”. The precursor to Weber was Ellis, a psychologist who wrote books on the subject and claimed to have been doing so since the 30’s.

Communal aspect

The Seduction community started forming around a man named Ross Jeffries who led and taught workshops on who to pick up women using neuro-linguistic techniques and who wrote books on the subject. Jeffries and his students would go on to be the seedling of what the pickup artist community is today.

Premise behind PUA

Stages of pick up success

Like with anything in life, the actualization of or materializing of it comes in stages. In the pickup world, the following stages are this

  • Appeal: This would be the initial stage by looking, acting, and being that confident alluring person most people want.
  • Repoire or trust building: This is the second stage after you’ve established attraction based on certain body language cues. In this phase, you want to establish emotional connections, relatability, and accidental or social contact. Building emotional connections seems to be the gateway into the seduction phase with someone.
  • Seduction/Turn-On: This is the third and final phase so to speak for the pickup artist to get to his end goal, which is to have sex with the woman or make her his girlfriend. This where the firm foundation of attraction and connection easily lead into sex. Now, these three phases can happen in the course of 30 minutes to weeks or even month depending on your skill, confidence, and appeal to the woman. You have to appeal to her animalistic instinctual side and her socialized idea of romance. Pickup artists with high skill can do this fairly quickly all under the auspices of it flowing naturally.


My uncle was the king of pick up back in his day, I am now writing this blog because of him. He’s now settled down and married with kids like Neil Strauss and the proud owner of his own plumbing business https://www.plumbersofhollywood.com.

Famous PUA’s

We definitely have to highlight some of the famous guys who have paved the way to train men from coy little boys to confident, assertive, and masculine adonises.

  1. Mystery 

Probably one of the most if not the most famous pickup artist of them all. Erik Von Markovik AKA Mystery is the inventor of the “Mystery Method” of pickup artist techniques and the main character in a reality tv show called “The Pickup Artist” that aired on VH1 in August of 2006 til November of 2008. In the show Mystery would take less than attractive and confident men, and turn them into modern day Don Juan’s.


2. Richard La Ruina (Gambler)

Richard describes himself at the onset of his journey as shy and not very savvy with the ladies. Having lost his virginity at 21 years old and not having much success with women until 2005 he later discovered the pickup artist community and learned the skills that it took to be successful with the ladies. He, later on, met some mentors and started his own training of 12 hour 1 on 1 session that he later turned into boot camps, which have now become the most popular pickup artist schools in London. He has been featured in major media outlets and is a world-renowned authority in the PUA community.

Media Criticism

As with anything else, whatever becomes popular enough to garner media attention will also bring with it is many praises and criticisms falling anywhere in the spectrum. The pickup artist community is criticized for being overtly sexist, misogynistic, pseudoscience and fluffy PUA pipedreams. Much of the criticism that has come to the pickup artist community has come on the heels of pointing out the deceptive and manipulative practices and techniques that are used on unsuspecting women. A lot of these women are hoping to find long-term relationships and instead are getting fickle, and uncommitted players that treat fucking women, like a game. Instead of valuing the individual uniqueness of the women these pickup artists pick up, they are reduced to nothing more than objects to satisfy the hedonistic fantasies of these former dorks.

Using psychology and manipulation, this community and its poster boys are dubbed as pseudoscience and nothing more than charlatans in the dating world. They sell young men desperate for love pipedreams and inflated techniques that don’t help them but hurt them and the women they play.

PUA Today

Its 2018 and with the recent revelations of high powered men in influential positions being exposed as sexual predators, the pickup community will probably not be as tolerated as it was in the past. Now that more women than ever are finding their voice and Feminism is gaining more traction, will the playboys of times past be able to do what they’ve done?

These days the #metoo movement will not fly for the same misogynistic games and aggression that some pickup artists employ to land that deal with those attractive women they’re after. Pickup artistry is still as strong as it was or perhaps even more so than before with many would be P.U.A teachers gracing the many pages of youtube to gain a following and sell their own materials on it.

Whether you agree or not, there are things women want in men. Consent being at that top of the list for sure, but confidence, courage and risk are all things women want in a man. That is the ultimate game.

Women want to be wanted!

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