A quick underground guide for hooking up with chicks

How to get a one night stand

one night standYou might be really curious how it feels to have a one night stand with a stranger but many people regard it as a vacation. It can be therapeutic to be intimate with those who live outside the structures of our daily life. They are not for everyone but for some people, it provides a moment of sexual expression and physical pleasure.

To achieve a one night stand easily and quickly demands highly effective measures that one needs to exercise. So, if it takes you hours just to get a “peck on the cheek”, follow these useful tips as mentioned below:

Get to the point

Always make it obvious from the beginning that you are here for one night stand. Don’t be indirect. Just spend a couple of minutes in getting comfortable with her. Overcome the fear of rejection. Discuss the aspirations and dreams through intense eye contact. Have a small talk and try to touch her at appropriate places like hands, shoulders. If she is willing, she will definitely respond positively.

Don’t surround yourself with a large group of friends

It can be a formidable task for a woman to approach you if you are surrounded by a large group of men especially friends. She will be too much nervous to make a move. Just take one or two friends as wingmen. But remember, avoid going alone to such places as it yields the impression that you are a lonely creeper.

Always keep an eye on available women

You need to identify which women are ready to have sex. You will get used to it once you get the hang of it. Women showing cleavage and wearing a short dress is one of the possible hints. Also, they laugh out loud to draw the attention of people. Their eyes are always looking around, finding a person that is willing for a hookup.

Find the best venue possible

Places like bars, clubs or pubs are the best bet when you are really in a mood of a one night stand. Hookups can also be found at coffee houses or bookstores. So pick a good venue and increase your chances of finding a girl ready for a one night stand.

tinderOnline option

There is also an online option too if you don’t feel like going out. The internet offers dozens of sites where you can find a perfect match to fling. The only upside of it is that girls available are pretty down to hook up and the caliber of finding the perfect match is quite low.




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Vin DiCarlo 3 Questions Exposed

Vin DiCarlo

You can “control” any woman you want.

Actually, it’s simpler than trying to “convince” her you’re the right guy for her…

Because when you’re trying to “convince” her, you’re guessing in the dark.

You HOPE she likes guys with ambition – So you tell her about work…

You HOPE she likes funny guys –  So you tell her a joke…

You HOPE she likes guys with muscles – So you hit the gym more often…

… But really, all you’re doing is guessing and HOPING you do something right, so she likes you.

There is a better way.

And it’s called “Reading A Woman’s Mind” It’s actually simpler and more realistic than you may think:
You see, when women think about men, sex and dating – they only think about three main things.

1) DATING – “Should I date around to find my perfect man… or… Should I find a guy who’s ‘good enough’ and change him, until he fits?”

2) SEX – “I love sex… but… Should I try a few partners, to see what I like… or… Save sex for marriage, or one special guy?”

3) RELATIONSHIPS – “Do I want the typical “dream” white picket fence and family life… or… Do I want a man who will help me go after my career?”

… She thinks about these three things, and that’s it.

That’s all.

And when you know her ANSWERS to those three “questions” – You will know everything she thinks about, wants or could ever desire from a  man in her life.

And you can “control” those areas of yourself – and your dating – to practically guarantee you two will date… sleep together… whatever you want.

(OR – You could simply find women who match YOU in those three areas, much simpler and much easier!)

The KEY here is:


… Because this isn’t some “voodoo” you see on TV.

It’s not “cold reading” that takes work and practice…

It’s not “asking questions, then peeking into her answers”…

It’s not “reading between the lines”…

… Reading a Woman’s Mind is simply looking at her, and how she expresses herself.

The way she’s dressed.

If she has any tattoos.

The music she likes.

Whether she’s spiritual or not.

If she has mostly guy friends or girl friends.

Because these “choices” she makes reflect her inner beliefs. He “answers” to the three topics we talked about, above.

Best of all – they’re easy to nail down within a minute of meeting a woman. Simply look at her clothes, the people around her and how she carries herself.


Now you know everything she wants in a man, in sex, and in a relationship.