Tips to get a date!

Get yourself that date!

From bars to restaurants, and from concerts to pubs – pretty women are everywhere.
To actually pretty hard to get them though, so here we discuss some tips so you
can get a date for yourself.

Now, this is all personal opinion and how I go about stuff. First
of all, you need to make sure you know everything you’re about to do before you
actually do it. Let me set up a hypothetical situation – you’re at a bar and
you see a pretty girl across the bar. What do you do? It’s pretty simple as all
the movies only taught us one thing – “Can I buy you a drink?” and yes – this
thing actually works but when? That’s the main question. Usually, it’s not the
drink that gets you the girl, but the way you present yourself. If you have seen
someone in a movie offering drink to someone at the bar, you might have also
seen the girl then noticing the guy all from up to down. Yes, that does happen.
Most of the times, it’s not for the free drink but more about how you go about
offering it. (Sometimes it’s just about the drink though **alert: gold digger –
keep away**)

So, how to present yourself?

Be confident –

Be natural and be yourself. You don’t have to be shy. If you go up
to her with your head facing the floor and then you tell the bartender to give
her what she likes, she’ll laugh out loud(Personal experience). So you have to
be confident, look her in the eye and ask her directly, “Can I buy you a
drink?” Be firm and be natural. Be bold. If you stammer on this like, “C-can
I-i b-uy you -something” she will think you’re doing it for the first
time.(Some find it cute, but majority does not). So be confident.

Being confident can also get you her number. If you stick out a
napkin and go, “Perhaps you give me your number and I’ll take you out for
drinks” she will do it. But if you go, “Number please”, even I would not.

Analyze her –

Before you make your approach, it really depends on whether she’s
interested or not. Body language can guide you through this phase. Look for the
people she is with. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if she has a boyfriend? Why
risk it by being hasty? So just observe and watch around her and the people
with her. If she has already had 2 beers, offer her another one(She probably
likes beers).

Communication –

A big thing that many people fail at is communication. Talk to
people to develop this skill. No one wants to be near a boring person. Do you
think someone would give you her number if you get to sit there not talking at
all, or talking so much that you do not let her speak at all. So it all depends
on the communication skills. The more you are able to express yourself and ask
for her opinions and ideas, the more comfortable she will be while being with
you. A plus pointer.

Also, pick up lines do not work, trust me. It’s one of the worst
things you can do. It just makes you look cheesy. If you have something
original and good there can be a slight probability that it might work, but
most of the times it does not work.

Communication is everything and so you have to prepare yourself
before you go in front of her. Be ready to prepare yourself to face rejection
if so be it. Make sure you have everything prepared and make sure you are
feeling confident. You can simply start by introducing yourself and going for a
formal, and firm handshake. Present yourself in an impressive way. Talk about
yourself, why you are wherever you are and you can talk about your interests or
ask her interests, or maybe talk about the place you are in. If you’re funny
try making good jokes that make her laugh. Try to make more than 60 percent of
the conservation about her, but do not ask personal questions. Ask something
like work or something else.

Okay, so that’s all you’ll need to actually make things work. The
basics are what you mainly require to achieve your goals. The basics here were,
being confident. Women like the men who approach them with full confidence, the
kind of confidence that they are ready to take them. Women also admire the
attire, so make sure to fix your clothes before you make a move. Another thing
we talked about was communication – so make sure to present yourself in a
mannerful and respectful way. That way you can make sure that you get a date
and her number. Another bonus pointer: do not over-text her but make sure to
text her whenever necessary. Like after the date, make sure to text her if she
reached home safely or not.

Another thing that I can say is to compliment her. Complimenting
women usually tend to them being more comfortable. But make sure to make a
sensible comment as a choice of words can have a great impact on how she sees
you, A beautiful mature man or a creep, it all depends on a choice of words.


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